The Cyprus Communist Initiative is here!

Press Release

The Cyprus Communist Initiative is here!

This new political Association, founded on Saturday 2nd December 2023, has as its symbol the hammer and sickle and the need for class struggle as a slogan. It aims to fill the political void that has existed for years in Cypriot society and to become a unifying force for the struggles of the working class and the broader popular strata.

The Association ‘Cyprus Communist Initiative, for the reconstruction of the working and popular movement’ is ready to fight the difficult battle against every systemic force and the existing negative correlation of social forces.

During the founding assembly of the Association, Christos Kourtellaris, representing the organizing committee, stated among other things, ‘We were not brought here by a temporary indignation against the system that kills souls, lives, and conscience, nor were we united by anger at all those who plunder the history of a historic working and popular movement, but by love for our class and the need for the reconstruction of the working and popular movement’.

In the main speech of the Assembly, Alexis Antoniou articulated in detail the principles and purposes included in the statute of the CIC, and said that ‘in the dilemma socialism or barbarism, we do not compromise with barbarism’.

Then, followed a rich discussion and amendments to the proposed statute, which was approved in its entirety by vote. In its principles and purposes, it is emphasized that the CCI understands and analyses the world through the lens of the Marxist-Leninist scientific theory, explaining the existing reality, exploitation, imperialist wars, and inequalities based on the contradictions of capitalism, maximization of profit, and the accumulation of wealth by a few at the expense of the majority that produces it.

Furthermore, the Association acts and contributes to the struggles for the rights of the working class, for the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, and for the social progress of our people. The Association reveals the contradictions generated by the inhumane system of capitalism-imperialism by taking initiatives that include a broad discussion among the working and popular strata. Furthermore, it puts forward socialism-communism as the only solution to the people’s problems and supports international solidarity.

The Association stands against the logic of class collaboration, ‘labour peace’, and bourgeois management of capitalism, and fights for the disengagement from the imperialist organization of the EU. It stands for peace, and as such it stands against every imperialist war, its causes, and its consequences for the people and against the ruling class strategic choices aligning with imperialism. It undertakes initiatives and develops a broad discussion on people’s relationship with the environment. In addition, it advocates for free public education and healthcare, for culture and sports that meet the popular needs of our time and the popular well-being.

Regarding the Cyprus problem, it is important to acknowledge its essence as an international problem of invasion and occupation by Turkey and foreign NATO imperialist interventions. These interventions have instrumentalized and strengthened nationalism-chauvinism, culminating in the twin crime, the treacherous fascist coup d’etat and the Turkish invasion. This action led to the violent division of our country and our people, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. It is also emphasized that the solution must establish principles and institutions that go against any form of discrimination, especially ethnic segregation. ‘The necessary and imperative solution should require as a prerequisite that the people must be sovereign in a whole, independent, free from guarantors, foreign troops and divisions, reunified homeland,’ is characteristically emphasized in the statute, which will be submitted in the coming period to the Commissioner of Associations.

The Assembly’s proceedings concluded with elections, where the 9 members of the first Board of the CCI were elected by secret ballot.

The Board convened last night (7/12/2023) and was structured as a body (with a horizontal structure as provided by the statute) as follows:

• Executive Secretary: Christos Kourtellaris

• Organizational Secretary: Leandros Savvides

• General Secretary: Marios Ioannou

• Treasurer: Andri Louca

• Members (alphabetically):

Alexis Antoniou

Chrysanthi Epifaniou

Giannis Socratous

Nikolas Nikola

Maria Socratous

Nicosia 8/12/2023