The drums of war are sounding even louder in our region

According to yesterday’s article in the “Times,” the British army is planning missile and air strikes against Houthi positions in Yemen, using the pretext of the protection of navigation in the crucial region of the Red Sea. According to the plan, as reported by the British newspaper, the United Kingdom will collaborate with the United States and other European countries to launch attacks on targets that have already been identified, either at sea or in Yemen itself. This plan I further confirmed in recent reports in the “New York Times,” where Joe Biden is said to be under pressure to approve plans for an attack on Yemen. These developments come on the heels of the recent death of ten Houthi fighters from American fire.

Unfortunately, once again, our island is caught in the crossfire due to the presence of the British military bases in Akrotiri, where NATO warplanes are stationed, and which are intended to be used in the attacks against Yemen. This puts Cyprus and its people at immediate risk, as the British bases, among others, could become targets for reprisals.

Any involvement of our country in Israel’s plans for territorial expansion, in the competition between the EU and NATO with Russia and China for dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean, at a time when military tensions are escalating worldwide, can only bring suffering to our people and not security and prosperity

It is imperative to strengthen our struggle for:

• The closing of all bases and the withdrawal of all foreign armies.

• The disengagement of our country from the massacre in Palestine.

• The ending of the attacks against Gaza and the recognition of the Palestinian state.

Nicosia 03/01/2024