On the latest international developments regarding the Cyprus issue

The latest visit of the special representative of the Secretary General of the UN in Cyprus, must be seen through an objective lens and not through blather or misleading adventurism:

– Regional and international developments hold devastating risks for humanity, further undermining the prospect of a just solution for the Cyprus issue – a just solution that is not even mentioned anymore, since the Government and parliamentary parties only talk about a viable and functional solution.

Looking at regional and international developments, we note the imperialist war in Ukraine, where NATO is clashing with Russia, while another bloodshed is taking place in the Middle East, due to Israel’s unprecedent attack on Gaza, which constitutes a genocide of the Palestinian people.

Before us we see the bottomless hypocrisy and innate brutality of capitalism and bourgeois civilization with its sham institutions.

In the international lounges, decisions are being taken for the redistribution of the world’s wealth and commercial routes, but the results of these plans reveal the repulsive, bare face of imperialist ferocity. The parties that stans for the EU and NATO, invest in these coalitions for the solution of the Cyprus issue.

The basic principles of international law as established after WWII and with the active participation of the Soviet Union and the rest of the socialist states are now being trampled to accommodate the rigidly competitive interests of the industries and monopolies of the imperialist states.

– The United Nations, despite any positive elements, mainly in older resolutions in regards with the Cyprus issue, following the overthrow and dissolution of the USSR, is now evolving into an international institution that, instead of serving the principles on which it was founded, is being led and captured by interests and in the rivalries of the imperialist powers for the spheres of influence of their monopolies.

– Turkey and its ruling class continue to be the chosen strategic ally and partner of NATO and the EU. NATO grants the Turkish leadership quid pro quos for its enlargement. Turkey’s government is even acknowledged by the UN as a peacemaker in a number of conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East and elsewhere.

It is clear that along with the militaristic state of Israel, the Western imperialists support, more or less, the role of these two states as guardians in the Middle East and in areas of Asia.

At the same time, the Greek and Turkish governments are competing over which country will obtain the most modern weapons, including the ones from tha American defence industry, and which of the two will best serve domestic and allied interests of the bourgeoisie.

Despite all the above, the parties of the bourgeois administration and the local government, cultivate fairy-tale narratives with a common starting point that each one of them can best convince the international community to pressure the Turkish government for a resolution in Cyprus, obscuring the fact that the international community itself had the main responsibility either for producing the Cyprus issue, or for tolerating and maintaining the occupation and partition of the island.

– It has been 20 years since the accession of Cyprus in the EU and contrary to the slogans and wishes of the dominant parties, not even a crack in the occupation and in the de facto partition of our country has been achieved. On the contrary, all EU institutions, all member states continue to develop commercial, economic, military and diplomatic relations with the power that occupies half of our homeland.

The people must ask themselves: when did NATO (of which both Turkey and Greece are members) or the EU have presented the slightest obstacle to the Turkish occupation in Cyprus, after all while all the concessions on behalf of the political parties and governments?

Have the European Council, the Commission or NATO ever imposed substantial or deterrent sanctions on the occupying power?

On the contrary, the partition of the island and its consequences are being reinforced, while Cyprus is being more organically integrated into imperialist plans in the Middle East and in Europe.

The people of Cyprus will continue to pay an increasingly high price for the hypocrisy and the interests of the imperialists, as long as the ruling class continues to grant them land and water. Instead, the people and the working class, both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, should organize peaceful mass-political struggle for true freedom and reunification of our homeland! For a whole and unified country without ethnic divisions, with a sovereign people, master of its own wealth.