The CIC position on European elections

The CIC is not standing by just as an observer in the upcoming European elections. It has a clear opinion and articulates a revolutionary stance.

Of course, communists have never been and will never be inconsistent in words and actions. Our member-approved position on the EU, which was publicly put forward recently, is also the compass of our actions.

he CIC through a serious and scientific study, documented and courageously proved and highlighted that the EU is an imperialist organisation.

The European Union is not only fundamentally structured to serve big capital and the bourgeois classes of its constituent countries, but also in the years following its foundation, through anti-popular decisions, reactionary laws and regulations, it deepened its dark character for the peoples, in order to perfectly serve the interests of capital.

Its whole history also, despite the vulgar embellishment and constant bourgeois propaganda, deafeningly proves that it has never had any inhibitions in extermination, since hand in hand with NATO, it launched and launches attacks with different means and ways, against other countries, far and outside the territory of its member states.

We say that such reactionary organizations do not change and the peoples must fight for their dissolution.

The EU of wars, violence, repression, terror, surveillance, vast sea refugee graveyards, the EU of unpopular memoranda, the exploitation and oppression of the working class and poor peasants, the impoverishment of millions of people living in it, cannot be either the present or the future of our people!

With this in mind, and guided by our position on the EU, the CIC calls on the people to vote against the political forces that mislead them about the European Union of so-called social cohesion, democracy, citizens’ prosperity, the EU as a supposed catalyst for a solution to the Cyprus issue.

However, we call also the people to vote against those forces that have cultivated illusions and held them captive to the EU for years, by talking to them about a Europe of the peoples, which will supposedly come through the European Union.

Taking into account that no political force speaks about disengagement from the EU and the organization of the people’s struggle for their real own power, the CPC calls on its members, friends, but also the people in general, to vote against all those political forces that ask for their vote in the upcoming European elections, by casting blank or invalid votes.